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San Andres, Mexico (Imported Exclusively By Calidad Tobaccos)

Owned and operated by Sr. Guillermo Malaga Pucheta, the Toztli Cigar Factory produces a line of cigars renowned in Mexico for their “unsurpassable” quality. All tobaccos used in Toztli cigars are Personally Selected by Sr. Malaga and are expertly crafted from tobacco aged 5 years. Distinction in cigar taste invariable comes down to the Blending of excellent, mature, and adequately fermented tobaccos. Sr. Malaga has been a master of selection and blending for over 25 years and his fine cigars are noted for their distinctive bold taste. This Toro Cigar is a medium-bodied smoke which uses a Quinta Leaf for a binder and a Sumatra Clara Leaf for wrapper, and exhibits earthy tones with a fine white ash and spicy, bold finishes. . (Also available in a Maduro wrapper)

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