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       Calidad Tobaccos confines its expertise exclusively to the sale of tobacco, and to the manufacture and sale of cigars made from the tobaccos grown in the famous Valley of the Tuxtlas in Southern Veracruz, Mexico. We are dedicated to providing the very best obtainable tobacco and the finest cigars available from this tobacco growing region.

       Through Calidad's owner, Douglas D. Redmond, personal and professional relationships have developed over a 25-year period of time in the tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing community of San Andres Tuxtla, and by virtue of these relationships, Douglas has assumed an active part in the development, growth, and maturity of certain small cultivation and manufacturing companies, whose hands-on, old fashioned farming and manufacturing techniques lend a quality control to the cultivation and manufacturing operations not presently found in the larger, more automated companies.

       In addition, these quality control methods are applied through product requisites provided by and through client preference and special orders only, rather than from products taken off the shelf from a storehouse of previously manufactured cigars. Our cigars are made to order from 100% Mexican long filler, premium grade, aged, selected and blended tobaccos, hand-rolled with special care. 

       As concerns our cigar manufacturers, we at Calidad Tobaccos are currently representing four distinct and well-deserving companies to provide us exclusively with a product individually tailored to our discriminating clientele, and we are proud to offer these fine cigars at highly competitive prices to the wholesale market in Maduro, Natural leaf, Habana 2000 and Habana 2001 wrappers with the additional options of private labeling and specialized sizings and packagings.

For more information or for ordering please refer to the contact information below. 

       For information concerning the availability of wholesale tobacco leaf please refer to the "wholesale tobacco" link at the top of the page or address inquiries to Douglas Redmond at dooglass@hotmail.com.

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